Qingdao Hyzlin Biology Development Co.,Ltd. 
 Profile: Hyzlin was founded 2011 in JIMO,Qingdao .
 Scale: Hyzlin registered capital is RMB 32 million yuan, it covers an area of 27000 square meters, Food Grade workshop covers 2800 square meters and the annual output is 1500t, the GMP workshop covers 4000 square meters, the annual output is 1500t.
Main product: Alginic acid /Sodium alginate/Potassium alginate/Calcium alginate/Magnesium alginate/lithium alginate/Ammonium alginate

Superior Products

Instant Agar
1, Good flavor releasing in yogurt and taste creamy and smoothly
2, Extracted from natural seaweed, natural and safe
3, Superior dissolution in low temperature (50-55℃,5-7min) 
Aciduric Sodium Alaginate
1, Extracted from natural seaweed, natural and safe.
2,Superior acid resistance. (could endure the conditions acidity of PH<3)
3,  Good spreading and flavor releasing in jam
Ultra low viscosity sodium alginate
1, High transparency: Mainly used in health care drink and food 
2, Ordinary transparency: Mainly used in industry and food
3, Sodium alginate will lower the blood pressure in medical care
Ultra high viscosity sodium alginate
1, Stable: Keep the hardness of toothpaste
2, High transparency: Mainly used in Transparent toothpaste and Crystal toothpaste
3, Superior water keeping: Keeping water to avoid the toothpaste dried out 


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