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Culture of Hyzlin

      1.To staff: require each employee to treat people with sincerity, convince people with credit
      2.To customers: treat customers in good faith, not hypocritical
      3.Business-to-Employee: no harm to employee benefits
      4.Business-to-State: legal operation, without prejudice to national interests

       1.To staff: a sense of responsibility, do their own work seriously
       2.To backbone
: the courage to assume the task, to assume responsibility of the work
                        Our company encourages people who have a sense of responsibility, ambitious goal, who are good at cooperation and struggle 
                        Our company refuses no sense of responsibility, lack of self-criticism and no teamwork
       3.To department: encourage department to take the extra work instead of prevaricate it

       1.To company: continue the innovation of products, technology, applications and management
       2.To staff: continuously improve their learning and working ability, striving to be working experts

       1.Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today. Never put off till next week what may be done this week.
       2.Encourage the departments and employees with high working efficiency
       3.Spur the departments and employees who lack of working efficiency 

        1.To backbone: require themselves strictly, accept criticism modestly, help others patiently, see the merits of others
        2.The staff we need: staff with a sense of enthusiasm and responsibility;
                                         staff who can work proactively
                                         staff with the spirit of teamwork

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