Ammonium alginate
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Ammonium alginate

Product description

          Ammonium alginate  is a kind of alginate extracted from kelp alginate .the product is white to pale yellow powder, nearly odorless, slowly dissolved to form a viscous colloidal solution in water, neither  dissolved in ethanol solution which content higher than 30% (WT) nor the hydrogenated alcohol solution,it also insoluble in acid solution in chloroform, ether and pH value of less than 3.

        1、Hydrophilic:  Ammonium alginate  soluble in water to form a viscous solution, mainly used as a thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer in food.
      2、Emulsification:  A mmonium alginate  make the immiscible two-phase (such as oil and water) immiscible with each other and form a uniform dispersion or emulsion, mainly used for canned foods of beans and corns, it can be used in manufacturing of  cheese   , besides,it also can be used in packaging materials and other synthetic  in  the f ood industry,

       Content        88.7-103.6%
       Moisture        <= 15.0%
       Ash        ≤7%
       Water insoluble substance        ≤2.0%
       Lead        ≤5 ppm
       Arsenic        ≤3 ppm
       Mixed bacterium total        ≤5000cfu/g
       Granularity        60-200 

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