Application in medicinal gel
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Application in medicinal gel

Product description

        FM50, DC40

     Preparation of gel preparation process to prepare the gel matrix, the nature of the gel matrix on the rheological properties of the gel preparation with the release of drugs play a decisive role. Commonly used gel matrix including acrylic resin, cellulose derivatives, ethylene polymer, natural polymer, sodium alginate is a natural polymer, has the characteristics of non toxic and harmless.

      1、Sodium alginate hydrogel with adhesion, can be applied to the oral mucosal disease or mucosal administration;
      2、The sodium alginate gel can be formed in the eyes without adding calcium ions or other ions by sodium alginate for ophthalmic drug delivery system can prolong the effect of lowering intraocular pressure, pilocarpine;
      3、Sodium alginate hydrogel could be used in  protein and peptide drugs;
      4、Sodium alginate hydrogels are sensitive to pH, with other sensitive material blending, produce interpenetrating network hydrogel systems with multiple sensitivity, can also with other polymer material to graft IPN hydrogel system.

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