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Application in tablets

Product description


          The tablet refers to solid medicine with suitable excipients mixed and pressed into flake shaped or sheet. The production process of the tablet is generally as follows: raw materials, crushing, sieving, material mixing, mixing, wet granulation, granulation, drying, pressing, coating, packaging, storage and so on.
      The commonly used auxiliary tablet accessories mainly consists of filler, binder, disintegrant and lubricant. In various oral tablets and sodium alginate was usually used as a binder, disintegrant and block material release (as function of slow release).

      In the tablet, sodium alginate as adhesive, strong adhesive force, widely used, generally non-toxic, used to granulation can improve the lobes phenomenon.
         Dry can be added, can also be added to wet. When wet method is added, the solution concentration is generally 5% - 3.

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