Aquatic product special-purpose
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Aquatic product special-purpose

Product description


        Sodium alginate is extracted from the natural marine algae,it can form a thermally reversible gel  combined with calciu m ion , it has good emulsification ability so it's widely used in aquatic product  . FN30 is a kind of high-grade food additives produced by compound sodium alginate and calcium, it can form a thermal irreversible gel  after dissolved in water  with  a certain proportion,it can save the cost with filling the aquatic product.

      1、Extracted from  marine algae , safe and health,it has health care function;
      2、It can form the heat-irreversible gel and the product has high elasticity and brittleness;
      3、The gel is white,tasteless,it can improve the quality of the products after 
fill ing in  surimi.
      4、Save the costs, reduce the cooking loss and improve the quality of products.

      1、 Mix  FN30 and water according to the ratio of 1:20-30  with chopping machine;
      2、Put into the container after chopping and refrigerated  5-8 hours  in  static to  make its solidified;
      3、The gel can be used to cut the mixing mechanism into a granular.

      4、Granula used to substitute part of   ma terial  as infilling and  processed into  the mold.
 of FN30 gel   is determined according to the needs of the final product.
      Notes:We can use the first slow after the fast chopping operation to prevent water splash.

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