Bionic food


Bionic food

Product description

            Sodium alginate  is extracted from natural seaweed,it is not only very safe in food, but it also can prevent the accumulation in the body of  cholesterol,lead and cadmium,alginate could improve the nutritional value and sensory traits of food, besides,it benefit to the food processing, and it has been considered as a very safe food additive.

        Sodium alginate is soluble fiber, it easy to mold  instantly  when it  combined with calcium ions, The gel is  irreversible and the taste of it is good.
       1、Alga jelly
       Alga jelly is 
 a bionic food  used by the  gel property of  sodium alginate , it's green, healthy,natural and stability, it suitable for cold and hot dishes, soup, and hot pot, the market can not solve the problem of  fried jelly . Functional properties of sodium alginate increased the nutritional value of seaweed jelly, and it can complement the human demand for calcium because it's riched in  organic calcium . In addition,we could make some special jelly through add some vegetables juice in it.
        Making process:
        ①、100 - 90 degrees hot water, all utensils must be disinfected.

        ②、The group A 1kg, add 100-120kg boiled water with high-speed stirring, according to the hardness of water to adjust the jelly products until the gel solution dissolved completely.
        ③、 The group B 0.5kg dissolved  in  1kg cold water.
        ④、 Mix A solution and B with the same direction for 10-30s,it can be formed after cooling with 
2 hours   s tanding .
        ⑤、Applications: salad, fried, soup
,       2、Artificial jellyfish silk
        Solution A
: 2% sodium alginate, 40 C water into the aqueous solution of sodium alginate.
         Solution  B: 5% calcium chloride aqueous solution
Solution  C: 2% alum solution
        Tools: Drill 4-5 holes (diameter 4mm) in the bottom of plastic pots for funnel.
        Process: Put 
Solution  A into the  Solution  B   through the funnel and get  into  Solution  C   a fter  the solidification   un t il it tastes  brittle .  at last,put the products into water to taste without  bitterness.
        3、Artificial egg
Solution  A: 2.5% sodium alginate solution ,edible yellow pigment (a little)
Solution  B : 5% calcium chloride + 2% alum
       Tools : a cover of cola, Semi ellipse plaster mold
        Process: Coke cover dipped in  Solution  B and then add  Solution  A into  Solution  B to form an egg yolk and wash it without bitterness. Adding sodium alginate into the mold after the  mold dipped in solution B,next,put the  egg yolk into sodium alginate in plaster mold,at last we could get the product when we take it out after clean it up without  bitterness.
        4、Artificial jellyfish
Solution  A : sodium alginate 2.5-3% made of sodium alginate gel.
Solution B : calcium gluconate 2%+ calcium chloride 1%
Solution C : calcium gluconate 2%+ calcium chloride 5%
       Mould: put a white cloth on the plastic basin and fixed with wire
       Process: Put the solution A spread evenly on the cloth of the mould after the mold soaked in solution B, the film thickness is about 3mm,and the invert the mold in solution B,next take the film into solution C until it hardened after the film dropped,at last we could get the product after we clean  it  up.
        5、Artificial shark's fin
1.1 kg  S odium alginate , 3 kg gelatin, 96kg water, calcium chloride (2%) 100 kg, 100 kg Black Tea liquid (1%).
       Method of production:
       ①、Heat 96 kg of water to 80℃, adding sodium alginate and gelatin solution, cooled to 50 ℃. put the solution into the calcium chloride aqueous solution,
  extruding output is  5ml each time , 80 times per minute,and then we can get  a colorless, transparent, filamentous body, 75 kg.
      ②、Rinse with water after  30 minutes  p lacing  , then add Black Tea liquid impregnation 5min filaments into brown.
      ③、Canning, sealing and sterilization (121 ℃, 15 minutes). The quality and the taste is basically same with natural shark's fin , it can be stored for one year  at room temperature and t he  flavor does not change.
       6、Artificial fungus
       Formula: sodium alginate solution: Mix 50 kg water and 
1 kg  sodium alginate , completely dissolved into a paste. The solution for manufactured goods such as imitation of natural white fungus,we could add caramel pigment 
      Solution: add 2.5 kg calcium chloride into  50 kg water  to get  natural edible fungus.
       Design tools: a 125ml cup capacity.
       Process: Put the solution of sodium alginate into the cups which dips in the 
calcium chloride solution,then put the cup into the  calcium   chloride solution and pour the sodium alginate solution out, to solidify completely before hardening, semi open and connected at the bottom, the middle with the thumb and forefinger knead pressure in half, so that the edge protruding into the fungus shape. Is still immersed in the shape of the liquid to the overall solidification, and aging. Remove and set water flushing.
        7、Protein sausage withSodium alginate
         Formula: 2%: sodium alginate solution with adding a little Soybean Milk
         Solution: calcium chloride solution: 5%+ alum 2%, a single pot.
         Other appliances: large coke bottle 1, cut off the bottom and loaded sodium alginate solution. the bottle out the sodium alginate just like the sausages.
         Process: Put sodium alginate solution into the coke bottle, bottle down the alginate solution into the 
 calcium chloride solution ,it can be sold after washing.
       8、Artificial grape bead
       Formula: sodium alginate 2%, sugar 40%, hawthorn juice 1-2%, honey ,edible pigment, grape flavor amount, 3-5% citric acid, 5% calcium gluconate.
       Process: Mix all the materials with sodium alginate solution in proportion,next drop the solution in calcium glucose solution and it can be sold after washing and packing.


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