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       Sodium alginate DC40


       DC40 is a high viscosity sodium alginate was prepared through process improvement, with good liquidity and transparency, 1% viscosity can reach above 40000, the film moisture performance, metal ion resistance ability, stable performance in the range of pH3.5-10, good compatibility with other products. DC40 in addition to the production of liquid mask, due to its high viscosity, partial natural color, soft paste, easy to apply, can be directly used as matrix cream (carrier) raw materials.
产品状态 DC40
        1、Extracted from marine plants, natural extraction, safe without stimulation;
        2、With a high viscosity, strong hydrophilic, moisturizing and a good film properties and so on;
        3、The color is more natural, soft paste, easy to smear the skin feeling smooth, not sticky, can be directly used as the matrix material of cream;
        4、Coated with oxygen permeability, antibacterial effect, and can promote the growth of new tissue, wound healing;
        5、Product compatibility is good, can with a variety of thickening agent synergy.


DC40 Carbomer Xanthan gum AVC
 Origin brown seaweed chemical synthesis Biological fermentation chemical synthesis
Method cold-water-soluble Reaction with alkali cold-water-soluble cold-water-soluble
Viscosity(1%) 40000 10 to 100 thousand 2000 10 to 100 thousand
PH 4.5-7 8-10 6-8 4-9
Ion resistance strong Not resistant to ions strong Not resistant to ions
Price 120/kg 150/kg 120/kg 450/kg

      Cream matrix: cold water can be dissolved into 1%;
      Mask type leaching solution: cold water soluble 0.1-0.2%

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