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Daily use products

Product description
          Refers to the cosmetics smearing, spraying or other methods applied to the surface of the human body, in order to achieve clean, skin care, beauty, remove bad smell and modification, compound consisting of a mixture of raw materials processed after a reasonable allocation of the. A wide range of raw materials, the performance of different. According to the performance and use of cosmetics raw materials, in general can be divided into two major categories of raw materials and functional materials. With the improvement of living standards, the safety performance of synthetic substances is more and more questioned, resulting in the appearance of cosmetics as little as possible or not to use synthetic substances. At present, from the domestic and international production and consumption of cosmetics, the use of natural raw materials, the development of natural raw materials containing natural cosmetics is the development trend of modern cosmetics industry.
       Sodium alginate also called algin, is a natural polymer extracted from brown algae plant in mucopolysaccharide, unique physiological function of health and safety, non-toxic side effects, is widely used in food, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, industrial production and other fields.

        1、Raw material is safe: from marine plants, natural and no stimulation, Brown is one of the most widely in marine algae, step by step, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, trace elements, active anti biomass, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti aging skin, promote skin cuticle cell growth and other effects.
        2、natural moisturizing agent: water locking ability, can a permeable mucous membrane formed on the surface of the skin, prevent moisture loss, can be directly used for moisturizing moisturizing ingredients, water emulsion, natural affinity also seaweed is easy to skin absorption.
        3、emulsion thickener: sodium alginate as a natural surfactant to oil components and fully emulsified aqueous components in cosmetics, so as to ensure the uniformity of the product; another is also a natural alginate thickener, can increase the product consistency, do cream, shower gel matrix material and etc. the suspended material, can also be used to extract the non-woven mask.
        4、film-forming agent: soft membrane powder in natural gel film composition. Soft powder is mixed with water after the coating to the skin, can form film and a skin material of the entire lift, with deep clean and efficient oil control, the net through the skin, moisturizing effect.
        5、performance: high transparency, metal ion resistance, good compatibility.

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