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Product description
          Low molecular alginic acid ( IL10-A ), low molecular sodium alginate ( IL10 ), low molecular magnesium alginate ( IL10-Mg ),
        Low molecular potassium alginate (IL05-K), low molecular calcium alginate (IL10-Ca)

        1、Alginate oligosaccharide is a kind of oligosaccharide in alginate lyase degrade. This kind of oligosaccharide is a new type of biological agent, which has the advantages of natural degradation, no pollution, no residue and so on.
        2、Alginate oligosaccharide has special physiological function, can enhance plant resistance and promote its growth.
        3、To a certain extent, to alleviate the copper toxicity, and promote the growth of plants under copper stress.

        Alginate oligosaccharides can be used as foliar fertilizer, irrigation and fertilizer ,it can be added after dissolution when we use it.

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