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Flour products

Product description

            General specifications of sodium alginate        Flour: MZ10
         Cake: FZ50      Bread: FZ60

        Sodium alginate is an excellent product surface modifier, it can enhance the formation of gluten flour, improve dry gluten, wet gluten and gluten index, improve gluten crosslinking degree, by observing the microstructure of sodium alginate, swelling, and gluten protein structure of long chain network together to form three-dimensional network structure well, the starch particles were coated or embedded in the gluten network is more strong, the noodles density increased; and sodium alginate can make the dough water absorption, stability time and evaluation value increased, reducing the dough development time and degree of softening, improve the quality of flour.

        Long cooking is not bad, no adhesion, do not mix soup, non stick teeth, bite foot, tensile elastic, color bright, smooth and delicious. Low gluten flour, the output of noodles, high broken rate, not resistant to boil, easy to paste soup, taste sticky, bad taste.
         According to the weight of flour, add flour mix proportion, and water surface, according to production needs can be processed.
       Adding: 3-5%

      Natural seaweed extract
      Increased the volume of bread products, improve the internal organizational structure;
      Bread shaping, reduce waist collapse;
      Strong water retention, slow starch aging, prolong the shelf life of bread;
      Bread soft elastic, excellent restoration.

         2、Method of use
      Production process: mixing, fermentation, segmentation, rounding and       intermediate proofing and shaping, proofing, baking, cooling and packaging.
      According to the weight proportion of flour, take an appropriate amount of FZ60, add flour and stir in the water and surface, according to production needs can be processed.

        Natural seaweed extract
        Has certain viscosity, conducive to protein and protein has sent, sent up a good degree of elasticity
        Bubble uniform fine, fluffy cake increased;
        Strong moisturizing products, reducing roasting loss yield, improve;
        Stable product structure, baking collapse, plump appearance.

          2、Method of use
       (1)、First ,we should beat the eggs;
       (2)、White granulated sugar, syrup, SP and salt to slow dissolution after high speed stirring 3min;
       (3)、Adding powder and flour BP medium speed 1min;
       (4)、Slowly adding liquid substances of plant oil and water, stirring 1min;
       (5)、Put into the piping, squeeze into the mold, each cake 30 + 0.2g;
       (6)、170 degrees from 20min.
       According to the weight proportion of flour, weigh the amount of powder, and powder to join, can also be added to the powder in vegetable oil, stir after adding water.    
        3、Dosage: according to the production of adding amount of 1-3 per thousand, suggestions.


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