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Hydrogel special-purpose

Product description

          Tension facial mask MP10      Hydrogel raw material MP30

        Hydrogel is a gel with water as dispersion medium. The introduction of a part of hydrophobic groups and hydrophilic residues with cross-linked structure of water soluble polymers, hydrophilic residues with water molecules, water molecules will be connected to the internal network, and crosslinked polymer hydrophobic residues in water expansion. Is a polymer network system, the nature of soft, can maintain a certain shape, can absorb a large amount of water. Because of its high water absorption, the hydrogel is widely used in the cosmetics industry
       Hydrogel mask powder is a transparent hydrogel original, edible, matrix, the combination of collagen, alginate and pearl powder of three pure natural materials and. Hydrogel soft membrane powder with water mixing after solidification, the film has a translucent like creamy texture, after use can significantly improve the skin due to lack of water and the emergence of wrinkles and pores, restore skin elasticity, make skin more bright and full.
      (1)、From marine animal and plant raw materials safety, natural without stimulation;
      (2)、The film body transparent smooth, moisturizing ability significantly, and can soften the horny, remove the hair follicles in the residual makeup;
      (3)、With excellent biocompatibility, after the film has oxygen permeability, the effect of inhibition;
      (4)、The film is a thermal irreversible gel, good toughness, elastic enough to meet the heat does not melt deformation;
      (5)、No pigment, essence, chemical preservatives to add, almost no allergen.
      Take 2 tablespoons of hydrogel soft membrane powder add 3 tablespoon of pure water (or milk), 3 minutes fast stirring and evenly coated on the face, 15-20 minutes, clean water after cleansing daily care.
      MP30 is based on sodium alginate hydrogel in compound, other natural water-soluble components made of heat reversible gel matrix material, its aqueous solution at 80-90 deg.c for 10 minutes to heat, after cooling into gel. The gel is transparent and has high elasticity and high elasticity, which is a heat reversible gel, which is convenient for mass production.
     (1)、The raw materials  are natural seaweed, safe non-toxic side effects;
     (2)、Gel texture, transparent, flexible and high elastic;
     (3)、The gel is a thermally reversible gel, which can be re dissolved after heating;
     (4)、Easy to use, heated to completely dissolved, cooling to 35 degrees, that is, into a gel, convenient production operation.
      (1) 、The MP30 powder was added to 50-100 times of water, and the solution was fully mixed;
     (2)、 the solution is heated to about 90 degrees Celsius, and to maintain fifteen minutes, the heating process to pay attention to mixing;
     (3)、the cooked glue is coated on the substrate, the temperature dropped rapidly solidified glue.
      4、Recommended dosage
       The powder is dissolved into 1%-2% glue, heating to 80-90 DEG C and heat for 10 minutes, or mold coating, cooling can be formed.

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