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Ice cream

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       Sodium alginate is a natural polysaccharide for a class of linear macromolecules extracted from brown algae, can form a thermally reversible gel and calcium in dairy products, can keep the ice cream shape, prevent the volume shrinkage, is a natural quality of high-end ice cream stabilizer with hydrophilic, is a higher degree of linear macromolecules, showed amorphous state, is not easy to form ice crystals, with high flexibility, easy expansion and low toxic characteristics, ice cream and other cold foods produce a smooth appearance and soft taste; on the melting resistance effect of cold drink product also is strong, the product is not easy to melt and recrystallization, and not in the process of transportation and storage (ice crystal growth), rough variable does not occur due to stable fluctuations caused by the deformation of the ice cream and ice cream; when eating no smell, not only Increase the expansion rate and improve the melting point, so that the quality and efficiency of the products are significantly improved.

        1、S table  viscosity and  easy industrialized production
        2、It has a good anti ice ability
        3、High flexibility and easy expansion

        Process: raw materials mixing, filtering, homogenizing, sterilizing, cooling, adding spices to mature, jelling, filling, packing, storage
        Using of 60B:M ix  with  5 times  sugar  of  s odium alginate , added to the mixing tank as the final ingredient in the case of continuous mixing and make it fully dissolved and dispersed
        Adding:  0.1 - 0.3%.

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