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     Alginic acid     Sodium alginate    Potassium alginate,
   Calcium alginate      Lithium alginate

        1、Welding: Alginate extracted from brown algae,it has the characteristics of high mesh, low salt. Mainly used for the high end electrode skin adhesive.
     2、Printing and dyeing: As a water-soluble polymer,  sodium alginate can be easily dissolved in water, the formation of a viscous solution. In the printing and dyeing industry,it is an excellent raw material for preparation of yarn sizing and dyeing paste, good washing and high rate of  paste off , the film formed after printing on fabric has certain adhesion and flexibility and will not fall off from the fabric.
     3、Seaweed fertilizer: marine plant algae as the main raw materials, a new type of green biological water soluble fertilizer made by scientific processing. Compared with conventional fertilizer, seaweed fertilizer could significantly promote crop growth, develop the  root  , photosynthesis, improve the quality of work, enhance disease resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance, and promote fruit ripening.
     4、Paper: sodium alginate has good water solubility and the model of surface sizing with sodium alginate,it can form a layer of continuous, complete, flexible thin film on the surface of the paper, not only improve the paper strength and surface galling but also make the paper get good ink absorption to make  printing imagemore shiny.
     5、Ceramics:Alginate have  high viscosity even in low  concentration solution , using a small amount of sodium algina te can make the insoluble components in the longer term enamel suspension, it can prevent the group into comminuted enamel composition and shorten the grinding time.
     6、Wastewater treatment: as a kind of water soluble polymer, alginate can be used as a kind of excellent flocculant in wastewater treatment. At the same time, as a kind of excellent immobilized carrier material,  sodium alginate  has important application value in wastewa ter treatment.
    7、Seaweed feed: algae feed from kelp and other seaweed plant, not only has the smell of natural seaweed, but also maintain the nutrition characteristic of marine plants, it can be widely used in chicken feed, dairy cattle feed, pig feed  with good quality and attraction.
     8、Paint:  The suspended liquid of   sodium alginate and titanium dioxide pigment   can be used as water soluble coating with good film forming properties.

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