Instant agar


Instant agar

Product description
           The  SA series  is extracted from red alga through a special process based on common agar,  the solubility of SA is  Superior so it   can be completely dissolved at  50-55 deg .c for 5-7 min with  high transparency,At the same time, it has some  properties of  good thickening, gel and suspension to improve the taste.
          1、Safe and healthy,it is healthy raw materials with a lot of physiological functions;
       2、It's extarcted from red alga with non allergic source material;
       3、It can be  completely  dissolved in low temperature  (50-55 DEG 5-7min);
       4、One of the few materials to participate in yogurt as thickener and stabilizer;
       5、Good flavor releasing  i n the yogurt  , fresh and delicate;
       6、It can be used as a dietary fiber supplements and stabilizer in food;
       7、The ingredients in the label logo is easy to be accepted by consumers.

Agar SA10 SA20 SA30 SA40
Instant ≥90℃ 55℃  ≥95% 55℃  ≥95% 55℃  ≥95% 55℃  ≥95%
Gel strength —— >1200 800-1200 400-800 150-400
           Application example            Reference dosage            Is suitable the specification
         Yogurt,  drink            0.05-0.3%            SA10, SA20
           Fruit jello product            0.1 - 1%            SA30, SA40
          filling material            0.1 - 0.5%            SA20, SA30

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