Magnesium alginate
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Magnesium alginate

Product description

       Magnesium alginate is a kind of alginate extracted from kelp alginate.
           Molecular formula: [(C6H7O6) 2Mg] n
     White to pale yellow powder, nearly odorless, slowly dissolved to form a viscous colloidal solution in water, neither  dissolved  in ethanol solution which content higher than 30% (WT) nor the hydrogenated alcohol solution,it also insoluble in acid solution in chloroform, ether and pH value of less than 3.

        Mainly used in  food for livestock
    Moisture content:  ≤15.0%
   PH: 6.0-9.5
   Magnesium content:  5.0%-9.0%
   Lead:  ≤5ppm
   Arsenic:  ≤3ppm
   Heavy metal:  ≤40ppm
   Ash:  8.0%-16.0%
   Colony total:  ≤1000cfu/g
   Granularity:  60-200 item

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