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Mask powder

Product description


    DM80 is prepared through the process improvement of high quality and low price compared with the conventional sodium alginate sodium alginate, its viscosity stability is high, can withstand the temperature effect, is a soft membrane powder with sodium alginate, calcium salt and other additives such as, good service posts, moisturizing film-forming performance, the use of production is safe and health.

           DM80 is a  product of a low price, high viscosity, high strength of sodium alginate, which is mainly used for the production of high-quality soft powder. Relative to the advantages of ordinary sodium alginate DM80 products:
                           Conventional sea alginic acid sodium        DM80
       Viscosity        400-800mpa·s        800-900mpa·s
       Intensity        about 300        >300

      Manufacture of high quality soft powder material is white powder, adding filling material (starch, diatomite) can be extended to a soft powder, beauty salons or direct packaging supplies sales. Soft powder can be added to mung bean powder or herbal powder and other nutrients can be added; petals and pigment, enhanced sensory pleasure.

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