Product description

        Special bond: FW10     Mince special filling: FW30      
      Generation special fat: FW50

       Sodium alginate is a natural macromolecular polysaccharide, the use of safe and natural, because of its normal temperature combined with calcium ion can form a thermally reversible gel, and has good emulsification ability, currently in the meat industry has been widely used.  

    (1)、The extraction of natural marine plants, food safety and health;
    (2)、Aormal or low temperature can form a thermally reversible gel will effectively improve the processing efficiency of meat products adhesion.
    (3)、The product yield is high, effectively reduce the cost of the end product.
    (4)、Gel by physical bonding, has good adhesion to fat.
    2、Application: Meat product bonding

    Sodium alginate is only able to form a thermally reversible gel at low temperature or normal temperature of the colloid. In the process of using sodium alginate, first with glue, can be uniformly dispersed in the meat products, and then through the calcium gel, the adjacent meat products are bonded together, do not lean pork area. At the same time, sodium alginate itself has carboxyl anion, can cross linked meat protein, so that a better part of the lean meat.
    4、Method of use:
    FW10: 1:15 according to the water and stir into colloidal solution, (chopping to no particles can) standby; weigh meat, according to about 20% of the weight of the meat with glue, preliminary stirring; the material into the stuffing mix; moulding machine.
    (1)、FW10 as compound sodium alginate, dissolves to form gel at room temperature, therefore, must be finished within half an hour, it is best to do with the use.
    (2)、In order to make the best use of FW10 completely dispersed, stuffing machine or rolling machine.
    (3)、If the product is frozen cut, you can use 10% of the meat chopping into solution, enhance gel adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance.

     FW30 is a kind of high-grade food additives produced by compound sodium alginate and calcium salt, according to a certain proportion and dissolved in water, can form a thermally reversible gel filled, meat products, health and nutrition has the advantage of cost savings.
     2、Method of use
     Sodium alginate FW30 powder according to the ratio of 1:25-30 to glue, static gel formation. Adding amount of 5-8%.

     (1)、Products can be combined with the oil formation thermal irreversible gel, high gel strength, elastic.
     (2)、Intestinal body good emulsification, uniform color, bright white.
     (3)、To prevent the intestinal body out of oil, do not stick casings.
      2、Method of use
      15kg goose or duck chopping evenly, add 1kgFW50 powder, chopped mix evenly, then add 15kg water, cut to no particles. Sheng out, still 2-4 hours or overnight use.
      3、 The use of gel method
      Mix the rain and raw meat stuffing to use;
      Added to the soy protein isolate emulsion to continue chopping, as the use of emulsion.

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