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Medical dressing

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        Medical dressing, wound package supplies, medical material for covering the sores, wounds or other damage. Contains natural and synthetic fiber gauze dressings, poly film dressings, foaming polymer dressings, hydrocolloid dressings and alginate dressings etc.. At present, the alginate dressing is the most advanced medical dressings, the main ingredient is sodium alginate.
     1、Alginate seaweed is a natural carbohydrate, a natural polymer, without any toxicity to the human body, safe to use.
     2、With excellent affinity, can help the wound coagulation, suction and discharge of excessive secretions, maintain a certain humidity to maintain a certain wound, and then improve the healing effect;
     3、Alginate medical dressings in contact with wound fluids, calcium ions in the material will exchange with sodium ions in body fluids, the fiber material is composed of fibrous hydrogel into colloidal gel, because the hydrophilic, can make the oxygen through the barrier, bacteria, and promote new tissue growth;
     4、Alginate wound accessories algae is more comfortable in the removal or replacement of dressing can reduce patient wound discomfort;
     5、The combination of alginate dressings with high hygroscopicity and gelation, provide a better environment for wound healing, good wound healing.     
       Spinning solution preparation, defoaming, filtering, spinning, solidification, stretching, washing, drying and winding, alginate fiber, dry or wet into the net, alginate dressing
       The spinning solution is sodium alginate aqueous solution with a concentration of 5% —3.

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