Pharmaceutical grade


Pharmaceutical grade

Product description
      Sodium alginate, Potassium alginate, Alginic acid, Calcium alginate
        In the field of medicine, alginate for compatibility of its unique physicochemical properties and good biocompatibility, is widely used in medicine, tissue engineering, cell culture and clinical treatment of drugs, dental impressions and medical dressing, tissue engineering, clinical treatment, cell culture and other fields. In recent years, with the development of new form of drug development and biomedical materials, alginate gel materials as an efficient biological adhesive and the sensitivity of PH, its application research is increasing, the conventional preparation in using alginate polyelectrolyte properties preparation of slow release microcapsules or pellets prepared by gel matrix tablets the gel properties, the sensitivity of PH tablets by targeting intestinal absorption disintegrating agent.
      In addition, alginate can be used as a thickening agent for topical ointment. Addition of alginate in oral tablet, the tablet viscosity, gel barrier effect, prolong the drug release time, reduce the adverse reaction. Domestic using alginate as matrix to make long-term tablets of alginate in solution, adding antibiotics, insulin, hormone drugs, also can produce long-term effects.
          Stability, thickening, emulsifying ability, hydration and gel properties
        1、Drug preparation: PSS, special cover Weiping, active drug, oligo alginate sodium alginate injection, hemostatic agent, targeting preparation
        2、Drug tablets: disintegration agent, sustained-release tablets, controlled release tablets, drug embedding
        3、A variety of functional drugs: lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, Alzheimer's drugs and other drugs
        4、Paste drugs: mainly used for a variety of paste like drug thickening, stability
        5、Capsule shell, medical dressing

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