Potassium alginate
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Potassium alginate

Product description
         Alginate is present in the seaweed, kelp and other brown algae in a natural polysaccharides, alginic acid and seaweed body seawater mineral natural products generated by alginate mannuronic acid (M ) and guluronic acid (G) consisting of mixed polysaccharides. The product is white pellet or powder, the product is odourlessness is tasteless.

         1、Hydrophily:easy to dissolve in the water and forms the thick solution, mainly used in pharmaceutical and health care products
        2、Gel properties :Potassium alginate together with other raw material could form the gel and uesd into the masks.
          Potassium alginate  is one kind of  food additives,it can be used in food,  pharmaceutical , cosmetics and welding because it's unique properties.
          1、 Potassium alg inate is main part of the masks and dental impression material to make the masks and dental impression material easy to be pealed and taken the mold.
                2、 P otassium  alginate could be u sed in  high-end welding rod of  the indust ry  as the bond to  guarantee the surface of  welding soomthly and clean.
               3、 Potassium alginate was used in  pharmac eutical and health care productin as the thickener and stabilizer.

   PH value: 6-8                         Lead: ≤0.0004%
   Drying shrinkage: ≤15.0%       Ash: ≤20-28%
   Arsenic: ≤0.0002%                  Heavy metals: ≤0.004%
   Packing specification: 25 kilograms/bags

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