Slow release and controlled release tablets
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Slow release and controlled release tablets

Product description


      Is the drug release agent made of small particles, consisting of a few points, not for the quick release coating, the other on the different thickness of coating were as part of the sustained. The particles are mixed in a certain proportion to form a variety of dosage forms. After taking the drug coating according to different thickness, followed by the release of drug ingredients in the required time, and continue to play the effect.
     Then the controlled release agent general to take the medicine into tablet, and a semipermeable membrane in a certain thickness of tablet core outside the bread, then use laser technology to play a number of holes in the film. Patients taking pills after contact with body fluids, water from the membranes into tablet, the drug dissolution, when the internal pressure is higher than the external osmotic tablets, the drug will slowly outflow from the small hole.
      The slow release inhibitor, also known as the slow release block material, it is divided into skeleton materials, coating materials, new type of slow controlled release carrier materials. Sodium alginate is a hydrophilic gel matrix material, a new type of slow release microsphere materials and materials used in bulk forming drug delivery systems. The hydrophilic gel skeleton material is a substance which is provided with a gel barrier to control the drug release, and the skeleton of the water or the digestive liquid is expanded to form a gel barrier. When the water medium matrix materials (digestion liquid), the first to form a gel layer on the surface wettability, surface diffusion to the drug was digested in the gel layer; continue hydration, skeleton swelling, gel layer thickening slow-release tablet and skeleton dissolution, moisture to penetrate to the core skeleton complete dissolution, drug release, such as Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide sustained-release tablets. However, these frameworks in alginate is a good drug delivery material, due to its good biocompatibility and low toxicity have attracted much attention, especially as tissue engineering materials and drug delivery material.

          At present, the Huanghai pharmaceutical production of Extended Release Nifedipine Tablets  with sodium alginate as sustained-release material.

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