Sodium alginate
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Sodium alginate

Product description
        Alginate is present in the seaweed, kelp and other brown algae in a natural polysaccharides, alginic acid and seaweed body seawater mineral natural products generated by alginate mannuronic acid (M ) and guluronic acid (G) consisting of mixed polysaccharides. The product is white pellet or powder, the product is odourlessness is tasteless.
        Molecular formula: (C6H7O6Na) n

              1、Hydrophily: easy to dissolve in the water and forms the thick solution, mainly used in food  additives.
           2、High fluidity:good  fluidity used in dyeing  and it's better than other colloids.
            3、Gel properties  :mainly used in jelly  bionic food.
            4、Thickening property:widely used in food,drink and daily products.
            5、Stability:used as a better stabilizer and thickener in cold drinks.
            6、 Healcare:as a natural cellulose,sodium alginate cold lower the pressure and the fat of the blood,it can also elimination the heavy metals from the body ,and the last the alginate could help us lose weight to make us much more healthy.
           Sodium alginate is mainly used in jelly and bionic shark fin,meats,drinks as the  food  ad ditives etc.besides,sodium alginate is always widely used in Pharmaceutical ,industry and daily products.
        Content: 90.8~106%          Viscosity: According to demand
        PH:6.0~8.0                          Transmittance: According to the need
        Granularity: Granulated or powdery, according to client demand
        Ash: 18.0-27.0%                  M/G ratios: According to client need
        Intensity; According to client need;         Drying shrinkage: ≤15%;
        Water insoluble substance: ≤0.6%;         Lead: ≤4ppm; Arsenic: ≤2ppm;
     Product classification:
     1、Liquid phase sea alginic acid sodium:
           Granulated powdery: Needs according to the client to be possible to provide 60-200 item of different viscosity product.
     2、Solid phase sea alginic acid sodium
           Packing specification: Each bag of net weight 25 kilograms with composite bag.
         Executes the standard: GB1976-2008  、 CP2010

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