Special dental impression material
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Special dental impression material

Product description
        Sodium alginate( DM-Na)  , Potassium alginate( DM-K )
         Alginate impression material is a kind of elastic dental impression materials irreversible, mainly used for making teeth and oral soft tissue impressions, divided into powder and paste type two, powder type and water to reconcile the use of paste type and cementing agent with the use of. The commonly used potassium alginate sodium alginate and alginate. Our R & D and production by a stable viscosity, high strength, high quality printing for dental alginate membrane.

          1、Extracted from marine brown algae, digested by prepared by sodium alginate natural stimulation.
          2、Printing film material for dental alginate viscosity precision, high stability, strength range of 400-600g/cm-2, compared with the conventional sodium alginate better quality.
          3、The price of 3 sodium alginate and alginate impression materials made of low cost, simple operation, easy to use, is a kind of impression material most widely used.
          4、Alginate dental membrane printing fine granularity, high strength, rigidity and toughness to meet the requirements, making the impression with high precision, can be used for various types of repair impressions.
          5、Raw material safety, no odor, no lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals, non-toxic side effects.
         The alginate 、calcium release agent and coagulant, diatomite, talc and other filling materials are fully mixed, and the pigment and essence seasoning to alginate impression material.
       1、The water was deionized water or distilled water, according to the proportion of 1:2 powder, water poured into the cup, with a knife in a clockwise direction and a harmonic pressure, second harmonic 30-40;
       2、the mixture will be a good paste immediately placed in the mesh tray, into the mouth, in the mouth to maintain about 1.5 minutes, after the coagulation;
       3、determine the clear impression after rinse, then perfusion of anhydrite.

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