Ultra low viscosity sodium alginate
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Ultra low viscosity sodium alginate

Product description

     Ultra low viscosity alginate is extracted from brown algae, alginate can react with metal-salt to form a thermo-irreversible gels, It's good for our health with the properties of water absorption and ion-exchange,the alginate with low molecule has stronger biological activity and it has obvious function of health care and medical.

1、Healthcare food and beverages;
2、Capsules, Blood plasma substitute, Health care oral liquid, Ointment etc.

Viscosity:3~5 cps(1% Sol, 20℃);300~700cps(10% Sol, 20℃)
Transparency rate:>70%
Heavy metal:<40 ppm
Content of "Ca":<0.3%
Total bacteria count:<3000 cfu/g

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