Ultral high viscosity sodium alginate
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Ultral high viscosity sodium alginate

Product description

          Ultral high viscosity sodium alginate  is extracted from kelp and  it has high viscosity, good thickening   compared with sodium alginate,

        Jam and filling ; The toothpaste and other toiletries
    1、Applied in jam and filling
    ZC10-1: instantaneous thickening type 1% viscosity range: 3000-10000mPa.s, the solution is added to the required thickening of the food, stirring evenly, greatly increase the consistency of the product.
    ZC10-2: static thickening type 1% viscosity range: > 2000mPa.s, suitable for the process of pipeline transport.
    2、Flour products
    High viscosity sodium alginate  can improve the quality and processing performance  in  Udon noodles noodle ,it can also  improve the toughness of noodles and reduce breakage rate to make the products tastes good and  better resistant to storage.
    In frozen noodles, it can reduce the growth rate of ice crystals and the size of the ice crystals to prevent   separating of  the  water molecules and protein  .
    3、Toothpaste products
    (1)、Good stability: compared with the xanthan  gum and CMC-Na, the hardness of toothpaste could almost constant with the ultra high viscosity sodium alginate.
    (2)、High transparency: It more suitable for crystal toothpaste and transparent toothpaste compared with oter colloid.
    (3)、G ood  thickening and  mobility:it can keep a definite shape of toothpaste,the foam is rich and not splash when we brush our teeth.
    (4)、Good water keeping: it has good water keeping campared with other colloids to  prevent dehydration of toothpaste.
    (5)、low cost:The addition amount is  only 0.5-1%   b ecause of its high viscosity,so it can save the cost when we use it.

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