Product description
      Sodium alginate(I M-Na series)    Potassium alginate (IM-Kseries)   
      Calcium alginate(IM-Ca series)    Lithium alginate(IM-Li series)

        Alginate is a natural polymer extracted from brown algae ,alginate has good performance in coating of electrodes and stabling of the arc

      1、Solder joint is not easy to corrosion with low content of P,S,Cl.
      2、The ash of  product is low and \alginate can reduce the splash to stable the arc.
      3、High purity, the skin is not deformed and broken so  the product could have a   long life.
      4、Arc stability. Alginate contains large amounts of sodium, potassium, calcium and low ionization potential ion, so it can improves the stability of arc burning to ensure continuous of welding;
      5、Alginate could protect the weld pool. Alginate belongs to the organic polymer and it can produce large amounts of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other enveloped arc and weld pool in welding when it affected by high temperature, it can also reduce the interaction of molten metal and air, to protect the metal from oxidation and nitriding;
      6、Adhesive:Alginate can improve the viscosity of coating because it  has a certain viscosity in water , it is easy for the production of welding ,besides,alginate could prevent the cracking of the coating.
         Adding the silicate-bonded afte mix together  the alginate and other ingredients 
         Manufacturing process of  Welding :
         Add the binder material(wire drawing)—bead welding-cutting - sanding - Drying - packaging
         Dosage: 1-3%,we could adjust the addition according to the production requirement .

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