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About Hyzlin

      Qingdao Hyzlin Biology Development Co.,Ltd. mainly use seaweed as raw material. Our company specialized in the research, production and sale of high-quality, high value-added and high-tech Alginate.

        Our company covers an area of 27,000 square meters (40 acres) with a registered capital of 32 million yuan, is one of the few pharmaceutical-grade workshops. The food-grade workshop covers an area of 2,800 square meters and the annual output is up to 1500t. The pharmaceutical-grade GMP workshop covers an area of 4,000 square meters and the annual output is up to 2000t.

      Alginic acid /Sodium alginate/Potassium alginate/Calcium alginate/Magnesium alginate/lithium alginate/Ammonium alginate

        Hyzlin take quality stable, technical innovation and continuous improvement as the core to provide a full range of production solutions for our customers.
       1.Low Molecular Production Technology
       2.High viscosity production technology
       3.Low Heavy Metal Production Technology
       4.Low residue (low P, S, Cl, formaldehyde, etc.) production technology

       1.Communicate with customers before selling. According to the different needs of different customers, recommend the most suitable product specifications
       2. Help customers solve the problems arising in the using process.
       3. Follow-up on a regular basis with continuing customer service after selling
       Quality Assurance Department
       1.Control product quality, especially the quality check of manufactured products
       2.Provide technical services for different application needs of customers 
       3.Provide specific data for customer who has specific requirements
       R & D department
       1.solve various problems during application experiments for customers
       2.do the appropriate experiments of applications according to the needs of different customers 
       3.we can do some pilot experiments according to the customer's questions and requirements 

Qingdao Hyzlin Biology Development Co.,Ltd.

High quality  alginte manufacturer

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