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R&D center
          Our R&D center is 500m² and it's the Qingdao R&D technology center.
        Our R&D center was divided into many rooms according to the function, physics and chemistry room,pilot production line, pilot production line of application and the office.we also have the production line of the flour products、meats and drinks.
          Our staff comes from many majors of many unniversities,Food,Marine resources,Biology and Medical specialty,besides,we also coperated with many professors from Ocean University of China and Qingdao University to develop some new products and  applications.
         R&D center take advantages of the tecnology and personnel,we developed some Unique products such as Ammonium alginate, Calcium alginate,Magnesium alginate, Ultra low viscosity and Ultra high viscosity sodium alginate,Aciduric sodium alginate and self-gel alginate.

       The development of new products
       All of these new products such as lithium alginate, Calcium alginate,Magnesium alginate, Ammonium algiad Europe and received good reviews from our clients.
        The process improvement of alginate
       We improves the quality through improving the process of the products,meanwhile, we reduce the cost to compete with others well,we need also to improve the process to make our products suitable for different applications.The ultral high viscosity sodium alginate and aciduric sodium alginate has already variously used in flour products and jam.
        The application of alginate in final products 
       The major topic of the R&D center is the  applications of alginate in final products,now we have Group 1 for food,and 2 for Pharmaceutical products,group 3 for cosmetics,we had already used the alginate into meat products by now,and we cooperated with professors to develop the alginate for special use in capsule,Slow-Release and Controlled-Release Tablet,besides,we had successful developed the ultral high alginate used in cream and other cosmetics.
        Explore the applications of alginate in some functional products
         With the development of the society,people are more interesting in some functional products,and people more and more concerned about the development of the alginate,we had already make the development of alginate as our major topic,we believe we could find something new in the future.

       The declaration patent of invention 24 items and 6 of these are authorized .
      The declaration patent for utility model 11 items and 6 of these are authorized.
        Achievement evaluation
      The declaration achievement evaluation 14 items,and three achievements reach the international advanced level, two items reach the international advanced standard.
        Science and Technology Progress Award
      Declaration of progress in science and Technology Award of Qingdao and wins the third prize
      Inovation and development of marine economy of Qingdao city in 2012.
     The training program about research and development center of Qingdao in 2014.
      Obtains the "Qingdao new special expertise projects and three key projects in 2016.

      Hyzlin take the stable quality,technological innovation and constantly improve as the center, we could provide a full range of solutions to solve the problem for our clients.       
      1.The technology of low molecular production
      2. The technology about the production of Ultral high viscosity alginate
      3. The technology about the production of low heavy metal production
      4. The technology about the production of Low residue (low level of  P, S, Cl, formaldehyde and so on)


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