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Quality assurance
       1. Responsible for the establishment of the company quality control system. 
      2. Responsible for the certification about the company quality control system. 
      3. Responsible for checking the process of the production.
      4. Responsible for the examination about the water of Raw materials,Intermediate products and the final products .
      5. Responsible for drafting the files about the standard of technological and QC.
      6. Responsible for external work about the quality of products.
      7. Responsible for improvement about the quality of the products.

     Hyzlin has the consummation system about QC , and we got the certifications of ISO9000, HACCP, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal, FDA and so on.

GB1976-2008, CP2015, USP, EP, BP
      We have 9 people in which 3 are responsible for QA and 6 for QC, all of us are undergraduate degree or higher and we are so experienced in testing and management. 

      The Center Lab is 500 square meters and equipped with the precise instrument room, the ordinary instrument room, the physics and chemistry room, the heating chamber, the standard solution lab, the raise lab, the microorganism limit examination lab and so on, we can examine the products  with the standard of CP2015、EP、USP、BP and others.

      The test center equipped with the atomic absorption spectrophotometer, the ultraviolet spectrophotometer, Stability test chamber, 1/100000 electronic balances, the rotational viscosimeter total hundred precision instrument facilities. Not can only satisfy the need of Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade  but also we can examine the products with following the requirement of our clients. 

       Every batch of product will be examined with following standard of GB1976-2008 or CP2015 before they leave the factory,or we can examine the products with following the requirement of our clients to ensure the quality of our products .
Physics and chemistry laboratory
Ordinary instrument room
Physics and chemistry laboratory
American Brookfield rotational viscosimeter
Ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Vertical sterilizer

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